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Wealth Crystal Set

With this deluxe crystal set includes 5 tumble stones which range in size, approximately 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches, a high quality pouch for protection and easy carrying, and a informational card that lists each crystal that is included along with its intent/affect and tips on how to use and how to cleanses the crystals. This would make a great gift also.

Money and abundance can come to us in many ways. But we are often held back by self-limiting beliefs and the wrong mindset.

The right crystals can eliminate these blockages to greater wealth. Crystals for abundance can also boost your confidence in tackling new and potentially profitable endeavours.

*** Pyrite is an energetic brassy mineral known as ‘Fool’s Gold’. But there’s nothing foolish about it when it comes to manifestation of abundance, as it packs a real punch.

*** Citrine, as The Lucky Merchant's Stone, is often associated with financial success in business - and it's one of the most powerful crystals for manifesting money. It's not just useful for overcoming roadblocks to earning money, but to keeping it too. This stone will also encourage you to share. By being generous, you can create a circle of wealth, which benefits both you and others. If you’re looking for ways to make, save or spend money wisely, use Citrine to amplify your intention.

*** Green aventurine is thought to bring back money that may have been spent unwisely. While it can't do this directly - your monetary decisions are always your own responsibility - it can help you to grasp opportunities that otherwise may have slipped away.

***Tiger’s eye has an almost all-knowing ability to bring dreams and intentions into reality. This will help you to move your career forward and bring luck if starting a new business. With its dynamic combination of earth and solar energy, tiger’s eye is a great stone for staying grounded and sensible around money. It’ll help you to keep hold of your assets whilst protecting you from becoming too greedy.

****BLOODSTONE(dark green)- is like a little conservatory of money. Place Bloodstone in your money corner to help retain your current wealth. Not only will it help you conserve your money, but Bloodstone assists you in gaining more because like attracts like.

These crystals are all natural with no dyes, and will be handpicked just for you when the order is placed.

**Please Note: The size, shape and color of each crystal may vary, this is due to the natural variations in these crystals.*

Disclaimer: Crystal Healing is a spiritual healing technique that is practiced among many. The information that is presented on these listings is not intended to be a prescription or replace any kind of medical care. See your doctor about all illnesses and diseases.

Wealth Healing Crystals