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Success Crystal healing kit

With this deluxe crystal set includes 5 tumble stones which range in size, approximately 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches, a high quality pouch for protection and easy carrying, and a informational card that lists each crystal that is included along with its intent/affect and tips on how to use and how to cleanses the crystals. This would make a great gift also.

**TIGERS-EYE (brown/yellow)- To be successful, you need to avoid draining energies or distractions. This isn’t always easy in a world filled with mobile phones, the internet, TV and other media designed to eat away at your focus.Tiger’s eye can help keep you on track. It gives you the courage to remain focused and instil realistic intentions, whilst limiting unnecessary distractions

**ROSE QUARTZ (pink)- self-belief is crucial for achieving any goal. Rose quartz’s soft and feminine energy can restore your inner belief and confidence, making it an essential stone for success.. You’ll see the value you bring to others and realise you can succeed.

**AVENTURINE (green)- is one of the luckiest stones. It’s often thought to be wonderful for manifesting wealth and financial success.It helps develop a healthy relationship with money and spending. it softens disagreements and releases unhealthy thought patterns. This helps bring success by encouraging calm decision making.<