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About Us

Hello Co-Creators! We are happy that you're here and ready to start or continue your spiritual advancement to create the life you truly desire. Crystals by Crystal was created so that each of our products can help you focus on your goals, enhance your creativity, and amplify positivity during your meditation and visualization exercises. Remember to believe in a higher being and be decisive in what you want to achieve. I pray that you will have abundant blessings and will be a blessing to others.

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Guide to Cleanse and Charge Crystals
Select one of the methods below to clear energies for your new and existing crystal collection. 

Disclaimer: Not all crystals can be cleansed using the below methods. Please research which cleansing is appropriate for your crystals. 

Abstract Water

Water is said to neutralize any negative energy stored inside the stone and return it back to the earth. Although natural running water — like a stream — is best, you can also rinse your stone under a faucet.

Whatever your water source, ensure that your stone is completely submerged. Pat dry when complete.

Approximate duration: 1 minute per stone

Use this for: hard stones, such as quartz.

Don’t use this for: stones that are brittle or soft, such as selenite, kyanite, and halite.

Image by Mark Tegethoff
Natural Light

Although ritual cleansing is often centered around certain points in the solar or lunar cycle, you can set your stone out at any time to cleanse and recharge.

Set your stone out before nightfall and plan to bring it in before 11 a.m. This will allow your stone to bathe in the light of both the moon and sun.

Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight may weather the stone’s surface, so make sure you return for it in the morning.

If you’re able to, place your stone directly on the earth. This will allow for further cleansing. Wherever they are, ensure they won’t be disturbed by wildlife or passersby.

Afterward, give the stone a quick rinse to remove any dirt and debris. Pat dry.

Approximate duration: 10 to 12 hours

Use this for: most tumbled stones.

Don’t use this for: vibrant stones, such as amethyst, in sunlight; soft stones, such as celestite, halite, and selenite, that may be damaged by inclement weather.


Image by Kayla Maurais

Sage is a sacred plant with a multitude of healing properties. Smudging your stone is said to clear inharmonious vibrations and restore its natural energy.

You’ll need:

  • a fire-safe bowl

  • a lighter or matches

  • loose or bundled sage

If you’re unable to smudge outdoors, make sure you’re near an open window. This will allow the smoke and negative energy to disperse.

When you’re ready, ignite the tip of the sage with the flame. Transfer the sage to your non-dominant hand and firmly grasp your stone and move it through the smoke.

Allow the smoke to envelop the stone for about 30 seconds. If it’s been a while since your last cleansing — or you feel the stone is holding onto a lot — consider smudging for an additional 30 seconds.

Approximate duration: about 30 to 60 seconds per stone.

Use this for: any stone.

Meditation by the Sea

Although this is considered the safest way to clear stones, it can be intimidating for some. The more in tune you are with your sense of self, the easier it may be to redirect your energy to the stone you want to restore.

Take a few minutes to ground and center your energy, then pick up your stone and visualize your hands filling with white, radiant light.

See this light surround the stone and feel it growing brighter in your hands. Envision the impurities flushing out of the stone, allowing the stone to shine brighter with renewed purpose.

Continue this visualization until you feel a shift in the stone’s energy.

Approximate duration: about 1 minute per stone.

Use this for: any stone.

Client Testimonials and Reviews

CC, Entrepreneur

I was given the LOVE & DESIRE Crystal Kit from your online store by my friend after I told her that I wanted to be in a serious relationship, but didn't know where I could meet my potential girlfriend. I've never used crystals in the past, but I was open to seeing what my new rose quartz would help me discover. That very night I met my now girlfriend and we have been dating for 2 years now!!! Thank you so much! 😍👏

Jasmine, Hair Salon Owner and Hairstylist

I've always aspired to be a celebity hairstylst.  I booked the Manifestation Session and immediately began my visualization and manifestation exercises that Crystal outlined for me in my session. The experience with Crystal was AMAZING and I am now a celebrity hairstylist and have worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment business. THANK YOU SO MUCH!  

Fatima, Events & Marketing Director

I was looking for a job and became very stressed. I follow your IG page and decided to check out your website. I instantly noticed the Pyrite in the MONEY MAGNET Crystal Kit. I purchased it and got my dream job 1 month later! Now all my friends are hooked. We also love our sessions with Crystal. It helps to be surrounded by positive people to accelerate your goals. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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